Our Services & Products

Glan Energy is a market leader in the oil trading company, offering a wide range of high-quality energy products to customers around the globe. Our Services and Products include:

Firewood and Coal Trading

Trade high-quality firewood and coal for residential, commercial and industrial use. Our products are responsibly sourced and meet the required standards to ensure that our customers can have the best natural gas and oil solutions.


Crude Oil Trading

We take pride in being in being industry leaders in the crude oil trading market. We source crude oil from various countries across the world and supply it to refineries and end-users. We ensure that the crude oil meets international standards and adheres to relevant regulations.

Grease, Lubricants and Spare Parts Trading

We trade a wide range of industrial and automotive lubricants, greases, and oil and gas equipment. We have a vast inventory of parts and can source specialized parts as per customer requirements. We take pride in having a strong network of supplies and customers, and ensure our products meet the necessary specifications.


Natural Gas

We trade natural gas equipment such as compressors, turbines, and generators. Our experience in trading and supplying natural gas equipment for various industries such as power generation, manufacturing and transportation is impeccable.